enum QStyle::StandardPixmap This enum describes the available standard pixmaps. A standard pixmap is a pixmap that can follow some existing GUI style or guideline.

Constant Value Description
QStyle::SP_TitleBarMinButton 1 Minimize button on title bars (e.g., in QMdiSubWindow).
QStyle::SP_TitleBarMenuButton 0 Menu button on a title bar.
QStyle::SP_TitleBarMaxButton 2 Maximize button on title bars.
QStyle::SP_TitleBarCloseButton 3 Close button on title bars.
QStyle::SP_TitleBarNormalButton 4 Normal (restore) button on title bars.
QStyle::SP_TitleBarShadeButton 5 Shade button on title bars.
QStyle::SP_TitleBarUnshadeButton 6 Unshade button on title bars.
QStyle::SP_TitleBarContextHelpButton 7 The Context help button on title bars.
QStyle::SP_MessageBoxInformation 9 The “information” icon.
QStyle::SP_MessageBoxWarning 10 The “warning” icon.
QStyle::SP_MessageBoxCritical 11 The “critical” icon.
QStyle::SP_MessageBoxQuestion 12 The “question” icon.
QStyle::SP_DesktopIcon 13 The “desktop” icon.
QStyle::SP_TrashIcon 14 The “trash” icon.
QStyle::SP_ComputerIcon 15 The “My computer” icon.
QStyle::SP_DriveFDIcon 16 The floppy icon.
QStyle::SP_DriveHDIcon 17 The harddrive icon.
QStyle::SP_DriveCDIcon 18 The CD icon.
QStyle::SP_DriveDVDIcon 19 The DVD icon.
QStyle::SP_DriveNetIcon 20 The network icon.
QStyle::SP_DirHomeIcon 55 The home directory icon.
QStyle::SP_DirOpenIcon 21 The open directory icon.
QStyle::SP_DirClosedIcon 22 The closed directory icon.
QStyle::SP_DirIcon 37 The directory icon.
QStyle::SP_DirLinkIcon 23 The link to directory icon.
QStyle::SP_FileIcon 24 The file icon.
QStyle::SP_FileLinkIcon 25 The link to file icon.
QStyle::SP_FileDialogStart 28 The “start” icon in a file dialog.
QStyle::SP_FileDialogEnd 29 The “end” icon in a file dialog.
QStyle::SP_FileDialogToParent 30 The “parent directory” icon in a file dialog.
QStyle::SP_FileDialogNewFolder 31 The “create new folder” icon in a file dialog.
QStyle::SP_FileDialogDetailedView 32 The detailed view icon in a file dialog.
QStyle::SP_FileDialogInfoView 33 The file info icon in a file dialog.
QStyle::SP_FileDialogContentsView 34 The contents view icon in a file dialog.
QStyle::SP_FileDialogListView 35 The list view icon in a file dialog.
QStyle::SP_FileDialogBack 36 The back arrow in a file dialog.
QStyle::SP_DockWidgetCloseButton 8 Close button on dock windows (see also QDockWidget).
QStyle::SP_ToolBarHorizontalExtensionButton 26 Extension button for horizontal toolbars.
QStyle::SP_ToolBarVerticalExtensionButton 27 Extension button for vertical toolbars.
QStyle::SP_DialogOkButton 38 Icon for a standard OK button in a QDialogButtonBox.
QStyle::SP_DialogCancelButton 39 Icon for a standard Cancel button in a QDialogButtonBox.
QStyle::SP_DialogHelpButton 40 Icon for a standard Help button in a QDialogButtonBox.
QStyle::SP_DialogOpenButton 41 Icon for a standard Open button in a QDialogButtonBox.
QStyle::SP_DialogSaveButton 42 Icon for a standard Save button in a QDialogButtonBox.
QStyle::SP_DialogCloseButton 43 Icon for a standard Close button in a QDialogButtonBox.
QStyle::SP_DialogApplyButton 44 Icon for a standard Apply button in a QDialogButtonBox.
QStyle::SP_DialogResetButton 45 Icon for a standard Reset button in a QDialogButtonBox.
QStyle::SP_DialogDiscardButton 46 Icon for a standard Discard button in a QDialogButtonBox.
QStyle::SP_DialogYesButton 47 Icon for a standard Yes button in a QDialogButtonBox.
QStyle::SP_DialogNoButton 48 Icon for a standard No button in a QDialogButtonBox.
QStyle::SP_ArrowUp 49 Icon arrow pointing up.
QStyle::SP_ArrowDown 50 Icon arrow pointing down.
QStyle::SP_ArrowLeft 51 Icon arrow pointing left.
QStyle::SP_ArrowRight 52 Icon arrow pointing right.
QStyle::SP_ArrowBack 53 Equivalent to SP_ArrowLeft when the current layout direction isQt::LeftToRight, otherwise SP_ArrowRight.
QStyle::SP_ArrowForward 54 Equivalent to SP_ArrowRight when the current layout direction isQt::LeftToRight, otherwise SP_ArrowLeft.
QStyle::SP_CommandLink 56 Icon used to indicate a Vista style command link glyph.
QStyle::SP_VistaShield 57 Icon used to indicate UAC prompts on Windows Vista. This will return a null pixmap or icon on all other platforms.
QStyle::SP_BrowserReload 58 Icon indicating that the current page should be reloaded.
QStyle::SP_BrowserStop 59 Icon indicating that the page loading should stop.
QStyle::SP_MediaPlay 60 Icon indicating that media should begin playback.
QStyle::SP_MediaStop 61 Icon indicating that media should stop playback.
QStyle::SP_MediaPause 62 Icon indicating that media should pause playback.
QStyle::SP_MediaSkipForward 63 Icon indicating that media should skip forward.
QStyle::SP_MediaSkipBackward 64 Icon indicating that media should skip backward.
QStyle::SP_MediaSeekForward 65 Icon indicating that media should seek forward.
QStyle::SP_MediaSeekBackward 66 Icon indicating that media should seek backward.
QStyle::SP_MediaVolume 67 Icon indicating a volume control.
QStyle::SP_MediaVolumeMuted 68 Icon indicating a muted volume control.
QStyle::SP_CustomBase 0xf0000000 Base value for custom standard pixmaps; custom values must be greater than this value.


labelIcon = QtGui.QLabel(self)
labelIcon.setGeometry(0, 0, 16, 16)
QtCore.Qt.KeepAspectRatio, QtCore.Qt.SmoothTransformation))